The Solar Water Still is an important and necessary piece of survival equipment which has been used by the military and yachtsmen for the last 40 years. 

Forming part of the emergency pack, the Solar Water Still is used in situations where there is no available drinkable water.


Speed Plastics Ltd have been manufacturing the Solar Water Still since 1998.

NATO stock number 4610-66-144-2646

The Solar Water Still

In a situation of survival, the Solar Still (AKA Vapor Still) can provide a short to medium term source of fresh drinking water from seawater, rivers and ponds.

Approximate weight and dimensions when packed are as follows:
Size 32 cm x 27 cm x 7 cm
Weight: 1.2kg

Summary > Features of the Aquadome Solar Water Still

  • Simplicity: The Aquadome still can be operated by persons who have not received training
  • Operates at Sea or on Land: The Aquadome still incorporates a buoyancy ring enabling the still to float
  • Minimal Attention: The Aquadome still only requires attention each time a litre of fresh water is produced or once a day
  • Minimum Weight & Bulk: Efficient design and great care over material selection provides for minimum weight and bulk
  • Conservation of Impure Water: There is no waste of impure water
  • Performance: Maximum output 300mls per hour
  • Operational Life: Over a long period of time in operational conditions the productivity of the still will decline due to build up of salt on the solar collector. However, using the flushing procedure contained in the general instructions, the operational life can be extended indefinitely
  • Shelf Life: The shelf life expectancy is set at two years
The Solar Water Still